大神:OHGA ニューヨークで過ごした 18 年間の音楽ライフをベースに、ラップのスキルを磨き続け、共に母国語である日本 語と英語をミックスした独自の MC スタイルを確立。 Red Bull Sound Clash では日本初代チャンピオンに輝き、2010 年のサマーソニック・オーディションで は審査を見事通過し、「今井了介賞」を受賞。2012年のTOKAI SUMMIT では決勝大会進出アーティストに選ばれ、2013年には、フジテレビの音楽番組 Asia Versus で PV "Famous" がオンエアされ、Zeebra氏が特別審査員を務める FUJI RAP CONTEST を優勝した。 オリジナルなヒップホップスタイルで注目され 「Diggy-MO'」「DJ Deckstream」「SPEED」「Mye」など、ジャンルを越えた客演でその実力は実 証済み。

大神:OHGAspent the first 18 years of his life in New York, where he first picked up the MIC. After returning to Japan, he began to weave both Japanese and English into his lyrics, ultimately creating a linguistic of his own. Since then, he has been crowned as the 1st ever Japanese Red Bull Sound Clash champion and awarded the "Imai Ryousuke Award" for the 2010 SUMMER SONIC auditions. In 2012, he progressed to the final round of the TOKAI SUMMIT audition. In 2013, his MV for "Famous" was aired on FUJI TV's ASIA VERSUS show, and he won the FUJI RAP CONTEST that was hosted by Zeebra. His originality has drawn the eyes of major artists and independent artists alike, giving birth to collaboration pieces with artists such as "Diggy-MO' ", "DJ Deckstream", "SPEED", "Mye" etc.